About Us

123Rents was founded in Boston in 2014, on the premise that the way renters connect with agents and find apartments is inefficient, frustrating, and outdated. After having worked as a real estate agent for two years, our founder, Zachary, determined that there must be a better way. During the summer of 2014, Zach began to develop a solution: connect renters with agents based on the number of their matching listings. With our technology, renters no longer need to read through hundreds of classifieds; they can connect easily and quickly with the agents who have the most apartments that meet their rental criteria.

The Right Agents. Right Away.

We know from our own experience that people live busy lives and that Boston real estate never sleeps. That’s why we don’t make you wait for results; connect with the best agents and browse their listings as soon as you hit Let’s Get Going. With just a few clicks, you can select your favorite apartments and schedule an appointment.

A Commitment to Trust

Realtors often get a bad reputation and we believe that’s more a product of a bad system then bad people. We think our approach dramatically improves people’s experiences with realtors organically, and our users think so too. We have also built in user-ratings to empower renters with even more information, confidence and control of the process.

We encourage you to read our Blog for invaluable quick tips, tricks, and pro advice on Boston real estate and to get active on our Facebook and Twitter pages where you will receive the latest blog posts, local real estate news relevant to you, and much more! Our personal team here at 123Rents is confident you will enjoy your experience on the site…easy from start to lease! Start my Search.